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Have you ever driven on a highway and seen a house nearby and questioned yourself, “I wonder who lives there?” I have and I found myself purchasing a house near a highway. I’ve always wanted to have an outside decorated house for Christmas growing up but my family lived in apartments. My Dad would toss us kids in the car and he'd drive around looking for houses lit up for the holidays. I fondly remember those times spent as a family and maybe you'll make your own family memories too. If you do, remember to check out our backyard lights and take pictures with Santa.

There are a growing number of Christmas lights enthusiasts that enjoy decorating their homes. Some just have a static display and then there are some of us who animate our lights to music. This can be accomplished with a pre-packed system or a more elaborate setup. I started with small setup and then discovered the group of enthusiasts, centered around a manufacturer of lighting control systems, Light-O-Rama. My neighbors have joined their homes with mine to create a show that encorporates our neighborhood. In 2018, we started to have the four houses in the show.

Light-O-Rama manufactures lighting controller that we can use to take full control our lights. We can use their software to control our lights based on music that we choose. Add a low-power FM transmitter and people can enjoy the light show from the comfort of their vehicles. Although you can no longer see the house from the highway now that the noise barrier has been completed, you’re still welcome to drive by to see the show.

We hope you enjoy the show! Like us on Facebook and feel free to leave a comment online or on the Guestbook located in our, "Winter Village".