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Listen to the Lights!

When visiting, tune your FM car radio to 107.7 and you can hear the music for the lights from the comfort of your car. There's a small, motion-activated speaker by the mailbox if you want to get out and stretch your legs too.

Song List

This is the schedule from 2017; 2018 will be posted just before the show starts.

Red indicates a video displayed in the attic window

Virtual Santa is the best time to take pictures. All of the lights are on at 50% intensity

5:30:00 PM:  National Lampoon's Xmas opening
5:31:27 PM:  Believe ... in Holiday Magic
5:41:52 PM:  Wizards in Winter
5:44:57 PM:  Run  Rudolph Run
5:47:05 PM:  Jingle Bells
5:49:26 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Christmas Time
5:51:52 PM:  Winter Wonderland
5:55:11 PM:  Frosty the Snowman
5:57:33 PM:  The Polar Express
6:00:56 PM:  Santa Tell Me
6:04:22 PM:  Rockin' Around Christmas Tree
6:06:29 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Deck The Halls
6:08:57 PM:  Fa La La
6:12:35 PM:  Sleigh Ride
6:15:36 PM:  Mistletoe
6:18:39 PM:  The Christmas Sing-Along
6:21:57 PM:  Perfect Christmas Night
6:24:21 PM:  Virtual Santa
6:28:59 PM:  Barking Dogs - Jingle Bells
6:30:43 PM:  Linus and Lucy
6:33:44 PM:  The Chipmunk Song
6:36:05 PM:  Heres Your Sign
6:38:21 PM:  Coke - Holidays Are Coming
6:39:23 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Frosty The Snowman
6:41:22 PM:  Feliz Navidad
6:44:24 PM:  Pat-A-Pan
6:47:51 PM:  The First Noel
6:52:26 PM:  The Bell That Couldn't Jingle
6:55:23 PM:  Little Drummer Boy
6:57:37 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Carol of the Bells
7:00:08 PM:  Deck The Halls
7:03:16 PM:  Boughs Of Holly
7:07:41 PM:  Anno Domine
7:09:55 PM:  Carol of the Bells
7:12:09 PM:  Santa Tell Me
7:15:33 PM:  Virtual Santa
7:20:11 PM:  Miracle on 34th Street
7:22:15 PM:  Christmas Canon
7:26:31 PM:  A Mad Russians Christmas
7:31:14 PM:  Let It Go
7:34:21 PM:  Christmas Song
7:37:34 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Christmas Time
7:39:59 PM:  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
7:40:59 PM:  A Holly Jolly Christmas
7:43:13 PM:  The Christmas Sing-Along
7:46:31 PM:  O Christmas Tree
7:49:06 PM:  Candlelight
7:52:18 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Deck The Halls
7:54:44 PM:  Music Box Dancer
7:59:35 PM:  Joy to the World
8:03:09 PM:  Santa Tell Me
8:06:34 PM:  Angels We Have Heard On High
8:09:05 PM:  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
8:12:03 PM:  Virtual Santa
8:16:41 PM:  Mistletoe
8:19:44 PM:  Fa La La
8:23:22 PM:  The Christmas Dance
8:24:40 PM:  Dueling Jingle Bells
8:26:46 PM:  Cartman Christmas
8:29:02 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Frosty The Snowman
8:31:02 PM:  Chanukah Rock Anthem
8:32:59 PM:  Jingle Bells - Glee
8:35:56 PM:  Leroy The Redneck Reindeer
8:39:02 PM:  Let It Go
8:42:08 PM:  El Niño del Tambor
8:45:46 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Carol of the Bells
8:48:17 PM:  Candy Cane Christmas
8:51:41 PM:  Cool Yule
8:54:10 PM:  Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
8:56:40 PM:  Sleigh Ride
8:59:41 PM:  The Christmas Dance
9:00:59 PM:  Virtual Santa
9:05:36 PM:  Deck The Rooftops
9:07:23 PM:  Dominick the Donkey
9:09:52 PM:  You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch
9:12:48 PM:  It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
9:16:29 PM:  Winter Wonderland
9:19:48 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Christmas Time
9:22:13 PM:  Wish Lizst
9:25:52 PM:  The Christmas Sing-Along
9:29:10 PM:  Joy to the World
9:32:44 PM:  One More Sleep
9:36:44 PM:  A Holly Jolly Christmas
9:38:58 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Deck The Halls
9:41:25 PM:  Silver Bells
9:44:03 PM:  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
9:45:03 PM:  Parking Spaces
9:46:42 PM:  The Christmas Dance
9:47:59 PM:  Dueling Jingle Bells
9:50:05 PM:  Virtual Santa
9:54:43 PM:  Perfect Christmas Night
9:57:07 PM:  Christmas Eve Sarajevo
10:00:23 PM:  Jingle Bells - Glee
10:03:19 PM:  Why Couldn't It Be Christmas
10:07:24 PM:  Little Drummer Boy
10:09:39 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Frosty The Snowman
10:11:38 PM:  Mary Did You Know
10:14:58 PM:  El Niño del Tambor
10:18:35 PM:  The Bell That Couldn't Jingle
10:21:32 PM:  One More Sleep
10:25:33 PM:  Linus and Lucy
10:28:34 PM:  Santa Symphonies - Christmas Time
10:30:59 PM:  Feliz Navidad
10:34:01 PM:  Dueling Jingle Bells
10:36:07 PM:  Deck The Rooftops
10:37:54 PM:  Sleigh Ride
10:40:55 PM:  Santa Tell Me
10:44:20 PM:  The Christmas Sing-Along
10:47:37 PM:  Let It Go
10:50:44 PM:  Amazing Grace techno
10:52:14 PM:  Why Couldn't It Be Christmas
10:56:19 PM:  The Polar Express
10:59:42 PM:  Believe ... in Holiday Magic